Our Green Space, a Cumbria-wide project was developed and managed in partnership by Friends of the Lake District (FLD) and Action with Communities in Cumbria (ACT).

It was funded by the Heritage Lottery ‘Your Heritage’ grant scheme and Friends of the Lake District and run with the support of many other individuals and organisations. The project employed two part time Project Officers and initially ran from January 2008 to December 2010 but was subsequently extended to December 2011.

Welcome to Our Green Space

The Our Green Space project tackled issues relating to community green space. It focused on those areas that are within or near to a town, village or hamlet and provide, or have the potential to provide accessible, attractive green areas for all who live near by.

These open green spaces, our Village Greens, the natural habitats and grassy tracts, around which we’ve built our communities are an innate part of Cumbria’s past, present and future heritage. They weave between our homes and places of work, linking our lives – vital connections through our communities. They are places to gather and be communities; places to keep alive local traditions of recreation, remembrance, trade and celebration; places to restore our sense of well-being; places to pause and think. It’s the shape and balance of green space and buildings in our settlements that makes our place feel like our place: they help define our sense of place and from this our understanding of who we are, where we belong and where we come from.

They are a part of our heritage – culturally, socially and environmentally and the best people to care for and manage them are the people that know them best – the local community.

The project has enabled and empowered the communities to make enduring improvements to their areas. It is raised awareness of the issues, and of provided potential solutions, throughout Cumbria and beyond. Utilising these communities common experiences we can show the opportunities that are available to other communities. At a strategic level the project developed a greater understanding, within statutory and other key stakeholder bodies, of the importance, value and potential of green spaces.